Floataway Community is a diverse and inclusive loft office development on Zonolite Road in the Morningside/Emory area. We offer a range of amenities, including back door access to the nature trails, picnic spots, gardens, and varied ecosystems of Zonolite Park. We’re proud to organize and sponsor the Form & Function speaker forum, a quarterly interactive forum exploring the intersections of design and nature, mind and body, and more.




Nickel Bottom Garden and Zonolite Park

The FloatAway Community enjoys full use of 12+ acres of Dekalb County parkland right in its own backyard. Zonolite Park, a former brownfield site, was reclaimed for public use in 2011 after a $2+ million dollar EPA cleanup.

It is the mission of Nickel Bottom, Zonolite Park’s vibrant and inclusive “friends of” group to envision, sustain, and promote improvements, programming, and maintenance in Zonolite Park. Nickel Bottom’s efforts have helped to restore a once-blighted industrial site into an ecologically diverse greenspace, featuring walking trails, picnic tables, a pollinator garden, thriving native meadow, bog & creek ecosystems, superior bird-watching, and — envisioned for the future — a best-in-class community garden and rainwater harvesting system that will provide the educational centerpiece for conservation, wellness, and other park programming. To learn more, visit nickelbottomgarden.com. To join our efforts, contact Donna Rooks at 404.872.7538 x7.

Working in tandem with Nickel Bottom and Dekalb County, the South Fork Conservancy — a nonprofit seeking to clean up and link parcels of greenspace along the south fork of Peachtree Creek — has installed a number of footpaths, wayfinding signage and trailheads throughout Zonolite Park. It is our hope that these footpaths may one day link to other trails, allowing hikers and residents to stroll off-road along the entire length of the south fork of Peachtree Creek. In the process, invasive plant species are being removed and the natural riparian pathways along Peachtree Creek are being restored.